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The little girl !: Is all right!

sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014

Is all right!

Is all right, if you don't need me.
Is all right, if you can't be here.
I'll be ok, I'll survive.
Maybe not today, but I know that I...
will, be.
Is all right, one day will be.
Is all right, nothing more to fear.
Is all right, I want to be free...
of this.
Tell me what you supposted do
Tell what you wanna feel
Tell me something, anything...
Just speak with me, make this real.
Is all right, I understand now
Is all right, wouldn't to be you.
But I'll gonna be all right, after this storm
I think that now I'm better after this pain
But not being the same, make me see
The life can be everything that you want.
Just only I want it.
Just so you know, I'm fine without you.

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